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01.The Idea.

Managing an event is a very challenging task. The intricate details are more often than overlooked due to lack of resources. An application would make the process of managing an event, with all the minute details, comparatively easier and more importantly time and resource efficient.

02.The Story.

DeleGo is a one-step solution and more like a control center where each and every aspect of managing the event at one’s fingertips. Right from receiving delegates to providing them with memories that they can cherish, all of it through our app. With DeleGo, we intend to solve the common yet pressing obstacles that are encountered while managing any event by the application of the concept of process automation. Primarily, the application targets to achieve management of pre-registered delegates. Our goal is to integrate the app into the event management industry and adapt to the myriad of events seamlessly.

03.The Success.

The application has proven its utility in various MUN conferences in the past two years and we look forward to tap larger market in homogenous segments this year.

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