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01.The Idea.

The retail industry is on a decline due to the redirection of the consumers towards the promising online E-commerce business. In order to revive the dying brick-and-mortar industry, it is imperative to understand the cause and drawbacks of the current offline shopping scenario. According to a recent survey, the extremely mismanaged queues, time-consuming and inconvenient shopping experience are the major causes of the migration to the online shopping. On the contrary, a survey of the online shopping experience concludes that one can never elate the impulse of having a hands-on experience of the product being purchased.

02.The Story.

Introducing NOVUS VIA, A device built with evolving technologies in order to enhance customer experience in retail stores and strengthen retail store inventory management. Smart NOVUS VIA Shelves provide live over-the-shelf updates for inventory, delivering an uncomplicated and logical stream of data. Smart NOVUS VIA Carts connected with the application support real-time order generation & digital payments for faster checkout. It employs Predictive Modeling techniques to provide personalised promotional offers by observing consumer behavior and purchase patterns.The solution features proximity marketing by suggesting context-relevant offers as push notifications to users in the nearby radius. It is equipped with customisable and scalable location information maps through which users can conveniently navigate in-store. As a part of the solution, Parking Zones will be equipped with NOVUS VIA to dynamically alot vacant slots to arriving customers and charge them based on timestamps. For more, visit : novusvia.store

03.The Success.

We are in the process of deploying its pilot at the stores of a boutique chain in India.

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