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01.The Idea.

With the advent of new technologies in the market, their usage is increasing exponentially too. This is further leading to increase in the Energy consumptions. Energy, as a resource, is as expensive to produce as it is to consume. In the industrial areas, where the facilities are spread across acres of land, it is extremely difficult to precisely mange these consumptions manually.

02.The Story.

Sketch Energy is a one step solution to cater the pressing need of conserving energy in the industrial environment. We sketch your energy consumption, over more than 82 parameters in real-time while archiving your consumptions on-the-go to help your analysts and data scientists assess effectively. Our proficiency in Data Organisation enables us to sketch data for you @ lightening speed. For more, visit : Sketch Energy

03.The Success.

The successful pilot runs of the project has proven its utility and demand in the emerging sectors and energy-critical scenarios. We are in the process of installing it at multiple client locations across India.

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