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Ports & Logistics
We are driving Internal Vehicle, Containers, and Other Assets Visibility in 2-D as well as 3-D on several Ports & CFS Facilities across India using our RTLS.
We have deployed Solutions ranging from Quality Inspection Tools Workforce Productivity enhancement Solutions for Automotive & Auto-Ancillary Industries.
We closely engage with the Manufacturing and Operations team to Understand the existing Business Process & then conceptualise the digital transformation.
Military & Armspaces
We designed & deployed India's first Android-App based Solar Fence Solution. In addition to this, we have deployed 3-D First-Person View CBTs for onboarding purpose.
Mobile Technologies
By creating applications for every device, we make it easy for our clients to reach millions of users without putting in much efforts.
Web Technologies
We have designed & deployed Live WIP visibility Solutions in Factories and Catalogue-based Order Management Solutions for use in Exhibitions & Expos.
IT Hardware Infra
IT Hardware Infrastructure are the components required to operate and manage enterprise IT environments. IT infra can be deployed within a Workstation, Servers, Firewall, Desktops, Smartphones and CCTV or within an organization's own facilities.

Experience Across Different Industries

Here at Worth Technology we have extensive experience working with brands, enterprises, and startups across the globe. Our Web app developers have clear application fundamentals and expertise in customizing Web app design and developing the tech-savvy app for the mentioned domains and industries.

Social Networking
On demand Solutions
Food & Drink
eCommerce & Shopping
Education & Learning
Photo & Video
Transportation & Logistics
& Finance
Health & Fitness

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Internet Of
Business Process
Surveillance &
Access Control
& Training
Learning & AI
2D/3D Visualisation

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